Steph Lanyon

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Artist’s Statement

I create visual music in my abstract colored pencil paintings and pen and ink drawings. Using stylized design elements my work reflects a range of emotions in a language of color, light, rhythm and harmony.


Grid Series

In the late 80’s I started working in a grid series and continued building a body of work for the next 6 years. These pieces were very labor intensive, sometimes taking up to 9 months to complete just one piece.

In 1995, after moving to New Jersey, I abandoned my grid work and went back to my organic structures, a style that I had worked in on and off since the mid 70’s.

Just this past year, 2001, I felt that I had explored the organic thing well enough for now and I was needing a change. I had been thinking about going back to grids for the past couple of years but lacked that impetus to get me enthused. Then in the early spring I saw some grid work by two different artists. And that was it - I got excited, I got ideas, I knew I wanted to go in a different direction. Different from what the other two artists were doing and different from what I was doing in my organics and in my previous grid work.

My new grid work started evolving quickly and I am very pleased and very excited by the direction in which it’s going. I’m having so much fun I almost feel guilty.


Organic Structures

What started out as a simple pen and ink exercise in an art class evolved into a meaningful expression of my thoughts and views of life and the language of color. Every emotion that a person experiences in a lifetime can be expressed by a specific individual color, which is what I call the language of color.

However, sometimes I draw the organic structures in pen and ink only, which I do simply for the enjoyment of the rhythm and the element of visual music that is created.



Sort of a cross between the rhythm of the organics and the sections of the grids are the works I refer to as flow, compositionals and tiles. Created for a feeling of flowing, not only like a river and not only like clouds across the sky but through space, these pieces convey both surface and depth. When one thinks of sensuality in art, the images that come to mind are usually figures or flowers. I want to express sensuality without using traditional representational imagery.


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