Noa Chaikin is an established Charcoal/Pastel Portrait artist who works and resides in Vermont.
Noa’s Art is sold nationally & Internationally.

As a Pet Portrait and People Portrait Artist, Noa will bring your detailed photo to life.

• A portrait of a loved one will make a great gift: accurately depicted, yet adding Noa's own style to the artwork, so the final rendering radiates with dimension, light and warmth.

In the process of creating your Portrait/Portraits, Noa will share progress via email with you, and will be open minded to your comments prior to completion. The rendering is on an archival, very high quality 2-3 ply paper.

Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. Feel free to click on: Letters from happy

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Henna in Vermont by Noa
All Designs Done Freehand
Using 100%, All Natural Brown
Traditional and Non-Traditional Designs

For All Occasions