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Life models who are interested in figure drawing groups or posing for life or figure classes, model for our open life groups, or modeling for other figure modeling sessions in and around the New Jersey Area. Must be 18+:
Please Contact Alan Brown for more information - Or go to www.AlanBrownStudio.com

If you are in the market to have a website designed, we suggest that you browse both our Flash site and the HTML Site for a better understanding of the differences (and interaction), between HTML and Flash.

For those visiting XLDS for a tour through our Fine Art pages, you can browse both the HTML site and the Flash site. Each area exhibits the same artists but with a different eye on presentation. XLDS has gone to the effort to do this, both for the fact that we love the artists we are presenting and because it gives us a forum to exemplify some of our design capabilities.

XL Design Source is not only a web design firm that can meet your technical design needs, but our goal is to create a beautiful, fun, engaging, interactive site that will be visited many times over.


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