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Private Commissions



Pet Portraits by Noa

In memory of David Brown

Pastel Pet Portraits /VT

pet portraits/carcoal & Pa

Charcaol Portrait by Noa

Beloved shepherd in Heaven

In memory of our pets

Vermont portrait artist

Charcoal Portrait by Noa

Charcoal Portrait Vermont

Horse portraits by Noa

Cats Painting by Noa

Dog Portrait -Charcoal

People Portraits/Chatcoal

In memory of Tiger

People & Cars Art by Noa

People Portraits Vermont

In memory of Popcorn

Family Portrait / Charcoal

Dog Portrait in Charcoal

Charcoal portraits by Noa

people portraits charcoal


Vermont Artist Noa Chaikin

Pastel portraits by Noa

anniversary Charcoal Art

Car Portraits in Charcoal

Vermont Artist Noa Chaikin

Charcaol Portrait by Noa C

Cat Portrait /charcoal VT

Charcoal & Pastel Portrai

Pet Portrait by Noa


Pet Portrait by Noa

horse Painting

charcoal Bella beauty

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